Is my tree safe?

We have received advanced training in assessing tree risk and are qualified to do tree risk assessment by the International Society of Arboriculture. All assessments start with an inspection from the ground. If an answer isn’t readily found, we can, based on a conversation with you, move to more advanced levels of inspection. 

Should I prune or remove?

Again, that depends. Trees provide innumerable benefits. Many times, proper pruning can satisfy your needs. As Certified Arborists, part of our job is to discuss your options for tree care before you make your final decision.

Can you save my tree?

Safety is always a top concern. Does the tree pose a risk? Has the tree’s condition deteriorated to the point of no return? As Certified Arborists, we will inspect your trees and provide recommendations for their care.

What about safety & protecting my property?

We are an Accredited Tree Care Company, which means we comply or exceed all Federal or State mandated safety programs. This applies to our employees as well as all of our equipment and work practices. In addition, we employ Certified Tree Safety Professionals to conduct weekly and ongoing safety training.  

Do you have the right equipment for the job? 

Our equipment is in compliance with all State and Federal requirements and is modern, up to date, and ready to work for you. Learn more.

How much will it cost?

You deserve the best value and quality for your hard earned dollars. Our satisfaction guarantee says it all. 

Are you insured?

Yes! You are fully protected. Unlike some other fly-by-night outfits, we carry all insurance required to make sure you and our employees are fully protected. 

Do you guarantee your work?

We stand by our work and customer service. 

My neighbor has a tree which grows over my property. Can I cut it back to the property line?

The laws vary from state to state and town to town. In general, you can, but you cannot go on your neighbor’s property or cause irreparable harm to the tree. This type of harm can include improper arboriculture practices. Learn more:

What Our Clients Are Saying

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